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My name's Andrew Power, and I’ve been doing presentations throughout Europe for... well, ages. From giving them as a student, then in working in community arts, as a performing musician and actor, as a sales guy for Apple, and then as a coach in English and soft-skills.

And it never came easy to me. I did a lot of lousy presentations, and I took my failures on the chin.

However, I never forgot two things.

* One – to keep the audience in mind when putting a presentation together and when on stage.

* Two – to keep learning and gradually improving until I reached my goal.

To make an impact on people. To see them absorbed and silent, emotional and applauding, keen to buy my products and services, and inspired to want to go out into the world and make a difference themselves.

Who needs presentations?

In my live sessions I’ve helped people from a wide range of industries – FMCG sales, top performers in well-known TELCO, school teachers, trainee doctors, engineers in heavy industry and space programmes, and ambitious freelancers and stay-at-home moms who want to develop a side business.

So what?

People who’ve been in my courses have sharpened their preparation skills, and saved tons of time. They've developed loads more confidence to give all manner of presentations. And I've seen their career and business flourish thanks to mastery of this essential skill for the 21st Century.

Whether it’s in your business or at work, for community activity, on Facebook or YouTube. Or at a wedding or anniversary; a reunion, or invitation to speak at your old school – we all have to give presentations.

What can I do about it?

Instead of dreading it and procrastinating, and getting stressed out on the day and falling flat on your face – why not enjoy preparing presentations, why not relish the chance to make an impact on the people in your life?

If presentations are a time-consuming terrifying hassle, what are you waiting for? Just sign up. It’s entirely free!

Because everything we say ought to have a goal.


See what my clients say on LinkedIn:


Head of Corporate Communication at Vodafone Czech Republic

"We have focused on public speaking, using a wide variety of sources, TED talks included. I have learned how to make my presentations engaging, how to keep the audience´s attention while staying on message. Andrew makes lessons interesting by providing different topics and multimedia content as well as an emphasis on rehearsing. He has helped me a lot, especially with structure and techniques when giving presentations."


Data Protection Officer (DPO) at KKCG Group

"Andrew is a true visionary professional in his area of business. He understands the needs of his clients and is capable to think about them creatively. His learning methods are effective, yet user-friendly. I've been inspired by his people-oriented, communicative and easy-going approach."