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Grab the audience. Impact them with your message. Boost your confidence. Kick-start your career. Raise your profile.

Never fear public speaking again!

With fab cheat-sheets, templates, scripts, how-to’s, and ninja-level presentations skills! :D

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Why do I need presentation skills?

Whether it’s in your business or at work, in your community, on Facebook or YouTube. Or at a wedding or anniversary – a reunion, or invitation to speak at your old school – we all have to give presentations.

In my live sessions I’ve helped people from a wide range of industries – FMCG sales, top performers in TELCO, school teachers, trainee doctors, engineers in manufacturing and in space programmes, ambitious freelancers, and stay-at-home moms who want to develop a side business.

This course walks you step by step through preparing your presentation, sharpening your slide deck, and owning the room. The best bit? It’s all going to be really easy with my system, templates, scripts and cheat sheets. 

People who’ve been in my courses have sharpened their preparation skills, and saved tons of time. They've developed loads more confidence to give all manner of presentations. And I've seen their career and business flourish thanks to mastery of this essential skill for the 21st Century.

What does this course offer?

This course gives you first-hand insights and experience in a whole range of presentations.  With its simple but effective principles, you'll know how to find and communicate your message. Using its step-by-step approach and resources, this will be easier than any talk you have given in the past. Even better, your presentations will stand out from the crowd, and be genuinely you. 

Your course includes ready-made slide decks, templates, worksheets, cheat sheets, scripts, and play-by-plays of top TED and YouTube talks. You learn from the best, and put it into practice.

Yes, you're going to have to do some work. But I designed this course to help you do your presentations with 90% less hassle and stress – and 100% more impact and fun. If you've worked through the course and put it into rpactice, and you're not happy, I offer a 60-day guarantee.



Want to learn TED Talk secrets? If you haven’t heard of TED Talks, it’s basically the most prestigious presentations conference in the world. In this course, you’ll learn how to steal world-class presentation techniques from the best! Cool, right?

Not only that, we look at 2 top ‘YouTubers’ – with millions of subscribers and views. And you know how much time they have before the viewer clicks elsewhere? 10 seconds! What are they doing everyone else isn’t? In this course, I show you how.

You’re not alone

Every student who enters the Power Presentations course gets access to a private Facebook Group. Here you can get advice and support, and I pop in every week to do a Q&A.

Why don’t I just Google all this and save the money?

I’m all for teaching yourself – I do it every day. And, of course, you can put together your own system by doing what I did – through many years of trial and error, research, embarrassment, hassle and lousy presentations until you get good. That’s kinda tiring though, isn’t it?

Or you can save yourself a couple of decades, and get all my insights, templates, cheat sheets, videos and guidance.

I’m not convinced....

Instead of dreading your presentation and procrastinating, and getting stressed out on the day and falling flat on your face – why not enjoy preparing presentations? Why not relish the chance to make an impact on the people in your life?

Just imagine yourself as the go-to presentations guru in your workplace or community. Just think about how much much more effective you can be for your goals and the people around you.

How much better, to give a sales presentation that gets the business? Give a lecture where the students forget their phones and ask engaged questions? Impress the management with your expertise and how you made good use of their time? Or be the person everyone wants to talk to after your conference presentation?

“I have learned how to make my presentations engaging, how to keep the audience’s attention while staying on-message. Andrew makes lessons interesting by providing different topics and multimedia content as well as an emphasis on rehearsing. He has helped me a lot, especially with structure and techniques when giving presentations.”

Adriana Dergam, Head of Corporate Communications, Sustainability & Innovation at Vodafone Czech Republic

“Great programme. It helps a lot to improve my public speaking skills and boost my confidence.”

Anonymous Student

“I’m an anxious person. Knowing that practice helps me in getting better at speaking makes me feel more confident.”

Nur Ajeera, Medical Student

So who am I?

My name's Andrew Power, and I’ve been doing presentations throughout Europe for... well, ages. From giving them as a student, then in working in community arts, as a performing musician and actor, as a sales guy for Apple, and then as a coach in English and soft-skills.

And it never came easy to me. I did a lot of lousy presentations, and I took my failures on the chin.

However, I never forgot two things.

One – to keep the audience in mind when putting a presentation together and when on stage.

Two – to keep learning and gradually improving until I reached my goal.

To make an impact on people. To see them absorbed and silent, emotional and applauding, keen to buy my products and services, and inspired to want to go out into the world and make a difference themselves.

And after helping people in my live trainings, I’m delighted to extend that online. I look forward to helping you gain the confidence you need to spread your message!


Here’s a peek at what the course offers. It’s split into four ‘pillars’, which work together, whatever your presentation.


  • Detailed Preppers and Maps – cheat sheets

  • Examples using the cheat sheets, putting it all into perspective

  • The Pulp Fiction method

  • Using the 3 Act structure

  • Focus on goals

  • Key techniques to hook and hold your audience

  • Getting ideas – mind maps and building your presentation with them

  • How to break down a long presentation

  • Video guidance


  • Play by play analysis of 3 top TED talks

  • Play by play analysis 2 top YouTubers

  • Compelling calls to action

  • Connectors – rapport with the audience

  • Great Openers, strong Closers and Conclusions

  • How to Inspire, Influence and Inform

  • Professional segues

  • Clean up your language

  • The Steve Jobs technique

  • Writing for your audience

  • 3 scripts for Goals

  • Help for non-native speakers – English language for different situations

  • Video guidance and TED Talks examples

Slide deck magic!:

  • 3 TED talks slide decks analysed for you to copy

  • 3 quick and easy templates

  • Image resource sheet

  • The 30/20/10 rule in practice

  • Simplifying your slides

  • How to work with lots of text when you have to

  • Design tips

  • Video guidance and slide shows


  • How to be natural

  • How to handle nerves

  • How to build rapport with the audience

  • How to handle problems

  • Working with your slides and props

  • Ready for anything

  • What the pros know and do

  • Video guidance

Plus – bonuses!:

  • A private Facebook Group for Presenting, and my help there every week

  • Your Cheatin’ Slide Deck – a slide deck template with guidance on stagecraft

  • A presentation makeover for early birds

  • A monthly group Q&A call for three months, for one-time payments

  • A course unlock – an extra ninja-level lesson for those who complete the course!


“This helps give structure to my presentations. It helps dealing with anxiety talking in public. The content (video and materials) is very well put together and easy to understand. Useful handouts and notes. Overall feedback is positive! Very informative.”

“Andrew is very interactive with the audience and responsive, and he answers the questions we need.”

“Andrew has been a great coach and English teacher. His advice has helped me to advance my career. Great presentation skills and techniques. I recommend him to anyone who wants to achieve success.”

Anonymous Students

"Andrew is a true visionary professional in his area of business. He understands the needs of his clients and is capable to think about them creatively. His learning methods are effective, yet user-friendly. I've been inspired by his people-oriented, communicative and easy-going approach."

JINDRICH KALISEK, Data Protection Officer (DPO) at KKCG Group

“Andrew makes sure my presentations have punch!”

Klaus Hammer, CFO, Alfagroup International


Can I buy this course later?

The Power Presentations course is only on sale for SIX DAYS. Also, on the third day after the cart opens, some of the bonuses are removed. The price for the course will never come down, and I’ve no fixed date on when I will sell the course again.

I can’t afford to pay in one go. Do you have a payment plan?

Yes. You can choose to pay $180 (+VAT) over three months. That’s $60 (+VAT) per month. I have to charge a little more to cover extra expenses. You’ll still get the same guarantee as a single-payment student. However, you won’t be eligible for the one-time payment bonus.

What payment methods do you accept?

I can accept Paypal, Credit Card, Apple Pay, and all other payment services offered by Stripe. I cannot accept checks (cheques!), postal orders, or payments direct to my bank account.

What if I want my money back?

I offer a 60-day guarantee. Just write to me at hello@englishforgoals.com.

However, it’s only fair you give me a chance to prove my course is rock solid. That means I’ll need to see that you’ve gone through the entire course, including the Unlock (you get that freebie when you finish the course), and see samples of your completed work using the resources I’ve provided and your slide decks in progress (or finished).

If you decide after you buy the course that you can no longer afford the payments, can’t find time to do the course, or no longer want to improve your presentations skills – this does not earn a refund.

How long does the course run?

This launch of the course delivers one session ( a ‘Pillar’) per week. There are 4 Pillars, plus your Unlock Bonus when you finish the course – a reward for your hard work :D. Each Pillar has between 4-8 lessons in it. You can do any of the lessons in your own time, in whatever order you like. I recommend doing them in order to begin with. And, of course, you’ll need an internet connection to access your course!

What level of English do I need to do this course?

This course is also for non-native English speakers B2 (upper-intermediate) to C2 (Proficient). If English is your native language, you’ll be just fine. Besides, everyone has access to my private Facebook group – and we can all help you out with any questions on English. :D

Do I get graded on this course?

I’m afraid I don’t do grades. This course focuses on learning practical skills for the real world. Think of it this way, the content you create in your presentations will be ‘graded’ – but by your audience. It’s my sole intent they ‘grade’ you well, and you’ll see that in the results you get after your presentation!

Is my personal information safe with you?

Good question. I personally go to great lengths to make sure my data is secure – and I wouldn’t dream of doing less for anyone depending on me. Which includes you.

I’m GDPR compliant, and make sure the companies that help me are too. I use trusted suppliers with a long track record of customer data safety and security. You can check out my privacy and security policies and terms of use at the footer of this website for more details.

How can I contact you if my question isn't here?

Simply email me at hello@englishforgoals.com :D However, please don't send me any links or attachments, for security reasons.